“ There are several strange combinations that compliment each other in fascinating ways: peanut butter and honey, cream cheese and Sriracha, oil and vinegar. Yet, there's one combination that warms our hearts more than others- trombone and cello. And that is Claire Courchene.” 

-Official Review from


“Claire Courchene's trombone turn on "Last Dance" was one show-stopper, taking the song's house music thump into parade jazz territory. 

- Steve Klinge, for The Inquirer - Philadelphia


"I think it was when the cellist played a trombone solo that I really fell in love with Rhye." - Jeremy D. Larson, Consequence of Sound


"For the live performances the two piece of Rhye catches a backstop of four other band members. They were supported by bass, drums, a violin, a cello and in some songs by a trombone, which was played by the cello player – and whenever that happened it was clearly a little highlight of the concert." 

- Claudia Fritschler, "Nothing But Hope and Passion” - Berlin