With production and writing credits on chart topping albums, placements on television, and advertising campaigns, Claire spends most of her time [while not on tour] writing, collaborating, and producing, with various artists in Los Angeles, London, and Scandinavia.

In regards to songwriting, Claire is a useful asset in the studio in numerous ways.  Helping non native-English speaking artists write lyrics in English, while assisting as a vocal producer, ensuring that the pronunciation and diction is correct.  Claire can handle any portion of the production process.  From song conception, all the way to the hands of the mixer.

Claire has a few of her own 'Artist' projects including her electronic solo project, Ana-Tole; her hip hop/electronic duo with Jonah Christian called Heartspank; an EDM duo with MORiLLO called KISSA; and an ambient neo-classical project with Milosh - which music can all be heard via Soundcloud on the Music page.