Søndag, Søndag, Søndag

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Mini Bios:

Claire Courchene is an English/American composer living in Copenhagen.  After fulfilling a successful career in Los Angeles, as a multi-instrumentalist & producer, recording, touring, and performing around the world. Claire recently returned to her roots in Europe, to pursue a career in film and television composition.  Through the span of her career she has worked with some of the most prominent names in the music and film industry including Kanye West, Lana del Rey, Frank Ocean, David Lynch, Josh Groban, and Madonna.  Familiar to TV audiences worldwide, Claire has also appeared multiple times on various shows ranging from American Idol, The Voice, Glee, and all the late night talk shows, to NBC’s Hollywood Game Night, in which she is still a member of the house band.  Claire now happily lives in Denmark and draws much inspiration from her Scandinavian surroundings, spending her time composing for commercials, TV shows, and indie feature films.

Søndag, Søndag, Søndag

Claire Courchene & Jesper Mechlenburg reveal new collaboration with album ‘Søndag, Søndag, Søndag’ and invite listeners to get engulfed in the very essence that is Nordic Noir.

Copenhagen based composers, Claire Courchene (from the UK) and Jesper Mechlenburg (from Denmark), have joined together to create a sonic environment with cello and piano at its core. ‘Søndag, Søndag, Søndag’ is a body of work created with every track providing a new mood representative of each day, as a soundtrack to your week.  The namesake for the album Søndag is repeated a number of times to fully illustrate the day’s variant meanings.  For some it begins the week, others it ends it, and there are others still for which it falls in between.  As cello is the closest instrument to resemble the human voice, Courchene & Mechlenburg have crafted a running narrative throughout the week, that is easy to identify with.  Their sound not only inspires moods but it captures landscapes, reminiscent of the Nordic Noir environment they write in. 

Another theme which prominently runs throughout the album alludes to the roles of gender, not only in everyone's day-to-day lives, but within music as well.  The album lives in a grey area that transcends societal boundaries and norms, in which this music is dominated neither by male or female energy.  Courchene and Mechlenburg manage beautifully to blend their perspectives which helps to balance and create such emotive and heartfelt music.  

File Under: Nordic Noir, Classical, Neo-Classical, Chill, Calm, Piano, Cello, Instrumental, Viking, Danish Modern, Film Music, Soundtrack, Gender Neutral, Trans, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, Max Richter

Release Date: April, 2018

Contact: Courchene.Mechlenburg@gmail.com

Jesper Mechlenburg is a Danish composer, songwriter and producer living in Copenhagen. Jesper has scored lots of feature films, TV-series, theatre shows and ballets in a variety of genres from classical orchestral music to nuevo flamenco and contemporary. Jesper was educated at the Royal Danish Conservatory. He started his career as a drummer and has ben touring all over the world. After leaving the live scene Jesper established Mechlenburg Music with a large client list of Danmarks Radio, SF-Film, The Danish Royal ballet, Zentropa etc.

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